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Akemi Osuga 


After working in the apparel industry for sometime,I felt a change of heart. I was enticed to work in the eyelash beauty industry. This happened around 2006 and from then on I found my niche.


During the first few years I was running my own salon but I was too dissatisfied with the products available in the market so I started my own brand. This gave way to Perfect Lash Japan.


I received a silver award at the International Eyelash Contest in Japan in 2011 and won the 3D4D expert category in the London Lash Battle in 2017!

The most important thing is making products and running a school is "Being on the player side. " Now I receive 1500 orders in Japan alone every month,because my products have originality so it is becoming popular! !

 I never stop learning. I attend conferences anywhere may it be abroad or in Japan. I think my purpose as an artist is to never stop learning even if I get old. Age is just a number.

A word of wisdom for those who want to join any  competitions: It feels great  to compete but if you do not have the  courage and the spirit to innovate you will never be challenged! I am definitely sending cheers to challengers,may the best of the best win! I love what I do so my career is my life. I am looking forward to all my challengers. And I am definitely excited to new learning experiences.


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Love you all